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A narrative introduction to the powerful Value-Centered Management methodology In Who Said So?, Michael E. Parker introduces the unique leadership philosophy known as Value-Centered Management. Using the exciting, creative format of a business narrative, the book contrasts the familiar pains of traditional business management styles with the Value-Centered methodology by contrasting father and son managers and their different philosophies. The story follows an MBA graduate who is assigned the tough task of retaining an important, yet dissatisfied client. Filled with doubt and frustration, he turns to his father, whose unique management philosophy helps begin a journey of business discovery. Along the way, the reader learns the importance of determining what customers truly value, building a customer-driven culture that focuses on those key values, and implementing money-saving Lean principles. Michael E. Parker (Hercules, CA) is President and CEO of Stellar Enterprise. He formerly worked for Toyota, implementing Lean principles throughout the company's North American operations and is the founder of Value Centered Management Institute.

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